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UVR Defense Tech has a new permanent UV signature management solution - UVRC-P for PVC-coated shelter fabrics.

Military tents and other fabric shelters for field use, e.g., mess-halls and operating theaters, are usually constructed of a PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) coating on a woven polyester substrate. UVRC-P may be sprayed, rolled, brushed, or printed onto the PVC as a hard-wearing, but micro-thin, topcoat. UVR will formulate UVRC-P according to your needs in order to provide the vicosity appropriate to your application method. Drying in minutes, the UVRC-P acts as UV camouflage, while also greatly increasing the life of the PVC substrate by blocking the ultraviolet, the primary source of fabric degradation. UVRC-P will not significantly alter the visible or near-IR appearance of the material. UVRC-P is available as 7%, 22%, and 80% UV-reflective compounds, in ready to apply liquid form, either aqueous or solvent-based. UVRC-P also has flame retardant properties.

To the right are unretouched photos of UVRC-P 7% applied to the right side of a cream-colored PVC-coated fabric. Images are - top to bottom - visible light, near-IR, and UV.

Extreme closeup of visible light image
and Ultraviolet

UVRC is the only camouflage system designed for the near-ultraviolet spectrum.

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