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PenCott "Badlands" pattern. Panel on left was treated with UVRC-A 7%.

UVR Defense Tech has a new permanent* UV signature management solution - UVRC-A for uniforms and similar absorbent fabrics.

UVRC-A is water-based and non-toxic. It may be sprayed, rolled, brushed, or printed onto standard military fabric by the textile manufacturer, printer, or assembly shop. UVRC-A provides UV camouflage, without significantly altering the object's appearance in visible or near-IR wavelengths. It is available as 7%, 22%, and 80% UV-reflective compounds, in ready to apply liquid form.

The sequence of images to the right were taken in, from top to bottom, visible light, near-IR, and UV. The camouflage pattern is the excellent PenCottTM "Badlands" from Hyde Definition, Ltd. Please note how well the UVRC-A 7%-treated left panel blends with the grass in the visible, NIR, and the UV; while the untreated right panel is too bright in the ultraviolet.

Below are photos of UVRC-A 7% applied to the right side of a U.S. Army FRACU (Fire Resistant Army Combat Uniform). Images are in ultraviolet light - top to bottom - untreated left side, half-treated, and UVRC-A treated side.

*permanent indicates that the effect lasts through twenty machine washes

UVRC is the only camouflage system designed for the near-ultraviolet spectrum.

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