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In the video to the left the subject is wearing a U.S.M.C. MARPAT shirt and a MultiCam® pattern Boonie hat.The right side of both hat and shirt have been treated with UVRC7 in order to blend into the surrounding pines and oaks.

The video was shot in the ultraviolet with a $120.00 UV-enabled camcorder, such as a belligerent might use.

The following attributes make UVRC an invaluable element of field equipment for the modern soldier. UVRC has:
  • A range of UV reflectance suitable for use in any environment - arctic to tropical, woodland to urban, desert to mountain
  • No increase in specular reflection (shine, gloss) in any wavelength
  • Non-flammable
  • Flame-resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • Low cost
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick-drying
  • Heat-tolerant
  • Odor-less
  • Sweat-proof
  • Non-allergenic
  • Water-resistant
  • Fungus-resistant
  • May be removed from fabric by washing in detergent
  • May be applied to any fabric without degrading foundation material or dyes
  • Will adhere to almost any fabric (some slick rubberized fabrics excepted)
  • No increase in noise of treated apparel
  • Fabric breathability is retained

UVRC products are easy to apply, dry quickly, and provide the precise pattern of ultraviolet camouflage the user desires. Available in four different reflective ranges, UVRC simulates the ultraviolet characteristics of any outdoor environment - from snowfield to high desert.

For soldiers in the field, weight is always a problem. So UVRC is available as a concentrate in pour-spout, sealed plastic packets, to be mixed with available water, thus providing a weight reduction of greater than 80%. UVRC is also available in large canisters to mix with water for spray or mop application to tents, tarps, tank covers, and netting.

UVRC dries quickly without significantly altering the visible appearance or NIR signature of the base fabric. The video to the left shows U.S. Marine MARPAT and U.S. Army OCP in visible light, then ultraviolet, and then near-IR. The right side of the camo tops have been treated with UVRC7% in order to blend with the grass.
UVRC seven percent reflective is the first choice for foliage. The chlorophyll in green leaves absorbs most of the near ultraviolet light, reflecting to the viewer only 3-7% UVA. Grass, pine forest, stands of sumac, dense bushes, clay soil, and high reeds are all situations that call for a general background of UVRC7%.

UVRC22% matches the UV reflectance of many types of silicates, from dry light brown sand to dry dusty clay.

Fresh snow, a stand of white birch, or a granite outcropping behind you - each requires a liberal use of UVRC80% in order to meet the high reflectivity of these conditions.

UVRC is the only camouflage system designed for the near-ultraviolet spectrum.

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