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The Threat to the Troops

Taliban snipers have become increasingly effective in killing NATO troops in Afghanistan.[1] Some of this may be attributed to the enemy forces receiving better training or better equipment; however, there is another possibility - perhaps the Taliban are able to detect the NATO forces in the ultraviolet wavelengths. To an enemy equipped with a UV-capable sensor, NATO soldiers moving through brush appear as bright targets against a dark background, which leads us to ask What is Wrong with Our Military Camouflage?

The best of our modern military camouflage was designed to withstand scrutiny in visible and near-Infrared light. For the world of the year 2000 A.D. that was adequate -- but not in 2011. Another bandwidth of light must now be considered by the military - the near-ultraviolet wavelengths.

What are the U.S., NATO, and Partner for Peace countries doing about UV sensor capability?

What are the military sensor experts concerned about?

and what is signature management?

[1] Afghan Taliban Snipers the Bigger Enemy in Marjah

UVRC is the only camouflage system designed for the near-ultraviolet spectrum.

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